50 ways to fix your life, the workbook


作者:by Petrene Soames


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:New York, NY



分類:減重塑身  英文書  

Finally, real help and real answers.

Do you want to free your body from pain in minutes? Sleep without using pills? Lose weight naturally? 50 Ways to Fix Your Life: The Workbook contains easy-to-follow, self-healing exercises to do this and more. Understand how to put childhood abuse behind you; see troubled relationships in a new light.

You will be amazed at these simple, yet extremely effective, exercises. Self-healing alternatives will help you stop physical pain and cut through years of trauma without the time and expense of endless therapy. Heal your mind, body, and emotions yourself.

In this workbook, Petrene Soames offers empowerment by outlining the tools necessary to realize dreams. There is something here for all of us. You have no idea what you can achieve until you try!

For over twenty years, Petrene Soames has been a leading authority in healing and self-awareness. As a motivational, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, she has helped countless numbers of people take control of their lives and their health. She is also the author of

The Essence of Self Healing: How to Bring Health and Happiness into Your Life.

Born in England, she now lives in The Woodlands, Texas where she continues her ground-breaking and inspiring work.

  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • #1 Going Beyond
  • #2 What Makes You Happy?
  • #3 Birthday Celebration
  • #4 Color Breathing
  • #5 Work through Loss and Grief Effectively and Quickly
  • #6 Waking Up Well
  • #7 A New Perspective on an Old Relationship
  • #8 Having It All
  • #9 Heal and Positively Improve Body Image
  • #10 Bring Back Time
  • #11 Heal the Past Easily
  • #12 Forgiving
  • #13 Breathe Color and Lose Weight
  • #14 Let go - Lose Weight
  • #15 Give Yourself the Best Gift of All
  • #16 Heal Deep Shock and Emotional Pain
  • #17 Choose Beyond Fear and Negative Reality
  • #18 Sleeping and Resting Well
  • #19 Find the Answer to any Question
  • #20 Finding your Own Answers: Exercise 2
  • #21 Slow Down
  • #22 Seeing Auras and Color
  • #23 Doing Nothing
  • #24 Developing Awareness
  • #25 Using Powerful Affirmations
  • #26 Your World Today
  • #27 Choose to Have
  • #28 Identify Obstacles Fast
  • #29 Broken Dreams and Moving On
  • #30 Clear Your House-Clear Your Life
  • #31 Space Clearing
  • #32 Breaking Up Fixed Vibrations
  • #33 Effective Lists
  • #34 Your Life in Color
  • #35 Very Special Medicine
  • #36 Your Own Medicine Chest
  • #37 Finding the Artist Within and Creating Flow
  • #38 Lose Weight and Stop Comfort Eating
  • #39 Pinpoint Exactly What You Really Want and Need
  • #40 Drawing to Yourself Easily
  • #41 Doing Easily-Making Life Work
  • #42 To Find Love, Love, Love
  • #43 Developing Third-Eye Vision
  • #44 Cross-Positive Symbolism
  • #45 Discovering and Using the Absolute
  • #46 Take Away Physical Pain Fast
  • #47 Taking Pain from Others
  • #48 Basic Hands-On Healing
  • #49 Purest Communication
  • #50 Embrace the “Alone” No More “Loneliness”